Rental properties listed with Kulak are rented out on behalf of the owners.

It can be hard to book a property ahead of time -as just like yourselves, many owners often want to use their property for their own holiday.

Properties become available for rental upon the owners confirmation of availability with Kulak. This can be anywhere from as far out as 18 months, to just a week prior the dates that are available.

As availability dates come in , and typically for the Summer/ Easter holidays, these properties are then matched to an appropriate rental enquiry - for those who have listed on the Kulak waiting list.

Kulak has an ongoing list for renters wanting to get in and book a property

over the holiday periods.

When your name comes up and a property becomes available that suits your requirements, we will ring or email you immediately to see if you are still with us and if the property is of interest.

This will be done before we market it anywhere else as being available.

Kulak prides itself in finding the best location and the best rental property to suit your personal needs. We will consider all of your requirements - and look at the best means of travel options if appropriate, your fitness levels for specific properties and even your pets if they are coming too!

                              Not every property is right for everyone

                                    - therefore let us match your needs with a property that is right for you.

You can add yourself to that list, by emailing us now.

Please provide full details to include:

We booked with Kulak Rent A House website- a site we  found when searching for accommodation on the web. The site helped us home in on a place that could accommodate 2 married couples and 3 to 4 adult singles. We also wanted walking access to the Queen Charlotte track and a couple of kayaks. All this we could research from the website and when we had identified a couple of candidates Kathie was very helpful in confirming the suitability of our final choice and providing advice on how  to get out to the site.

David and Irene- Jan 2012

Thank you very much for your prompt service and willingness to try and meet our needs. I would certainly use your service in the future as it has been streets ahead of some of the other sites.

-Margaret, August 2012

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