“Well used, much loved”


                         “Move Over, its My Turn!”


Shoes, coats, gumboots, sleeping bags,

linens of any quality, bathroom necessities.

Bedroom drawers may well be full of both

old and new accumulations!

       Food stuffs -both old and new can be stacked up in                                                       

the cupboards and fridges/freezers

Cupboards and drawers could be cluttered with all sorts of

Olden Day Treasurers of Days Gone By

or just random objects of keepsake!

Kulak has many baches to offer, and some

of these are what we call our

 “Well used, much loved” baches.

These  baches can have oodles of owners gear that is left there for use when they return.

However,  thats how the owners like them, and its all part of the kiwi bach charm in many ways.

But no matter the property, Kulak has the last say and will do its best to ensure you have a great stay!

Some baches, without intention, may have ‘little corners’ or may not be scrumptiously clean!

Some baches are old and so also are the pipes and fittings, furniture and joinery!

This means you can expect that sometimes things can go wrong -but please dont despair, we will endeavour to repair!

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‘Well Used, Much Loved’ properties