Are you in the need of a recluse holiday?

                                                                                                      A complete get away?

                                                                                     Solitude, escape, isolation.....Are you an artist?

                                                                                                     Recovering from an illness?      





            Do you need the chance to unwind from daily life                                                            

                                                                                 and find your inner-self

                         These properties have been chosen especially for their availability

                                         and their comfortable simplicity so you can do that.

(only available during off peak; February-October, excluding Waitangi and Labour weekend)

Blackwood Bay Bach

The real kiwi Bach with complete bush surroundings and a real peacefulness. Quiet and tucked away for your thoughts to ponder.

Blackwood Bay Bach

Onahau Nature Retreat

This modern, but simplistic bach has all you will need to relax and unwind. You can open up the large bifolding doors and bring the outside in, just like that. Easy and simple

Onahau Nature Retreat Onahau Nature Retreat

Robbies Retreat

Great views and comfortable living with easy access to the nearby resort for a dinner out. A great spot t`o unwind.

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